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A bra that focuses on BOTH mom and baby.

Newborn babies see only in black and white. High contrast images are very stimulating and exciting for babies to look at. Latching a newborn onto your breast can be difficult and exhausting.

We set out to create a bra that was not only comfortable but would also help with latch!  

Visy Bra- White

Sleep Bra

After birth your body is recovering. Your milk will  be coming in and you might be more exhausted than you ever thought possible. Every Visa Bra is made with this in mind, comfort and function first

Double the fun

You will probably need more than ONE nursing bra. So guess what?!? Each pack of Visy Bras will come with TWO, one in the black style and one in white! 


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hair pulling? Wiggling? scratching?

BusyTabs are easy to use clips that go on any bra or shirt! They are made with soft satin ribbon. Baby will stay focused and latched while playing with their BusyTab, instead of your hair!

The clips are strong enough that you don’t have to worry about baby pulling it off and it works great to just leave the clips on all day so they’re ready to go when baby’s ready to nurse!
— Beautiful Mommies Blog

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— Jennifer Fletcher- Owner