Jennifer Fletcher- Owner & Mama to 2 crazy boys

Jennifer Fletcher- Owner & Mama to 2 crazy boys


Breastfeeding life...

can be a rough one. Like so many things as an expecting mother, you go into it with expectations. You might plan, you might read books or articles, but inevitably you hold the baby in your arms and probably say what most every other new mom in the world says. "Ok, now what?" With my first son, the nurse is standing there watching me. I'm minutes post labor and already I feel the panic I'm being judged. "Did she just see me poke him in the eye with my nipple?" 

Then you get home and probably ask yourself where all the nice help is from the hospital when you have questions. When starting my company, the number one focus I wanted to get across was this- there is no one size fits ALL. We are women, strong and amazing, and we are not perfect. And most certainly, the baby we just spent hours giving birth to may not perfectly latch and then wink at you as if to say, "I got this."

I came up with the ideas for Visy Bra and BusyTabs while breastfeeding my second son. There were so many struggles that even myself, as a second time mom, still had. I thought for sure that 3 years after having my first son there would be more on the market for breastfeeding moms. And there was not. So I took the plunge and decided to create something myself. I started with BusyTabs, an accessory for babies 3 months and older. And a year later have been able to launch Visy Bra, a nursing bra focused on both mama and baby from birth. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope you enjoy what NurseMeMama has come up with. 


Jennifer Fletcher