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Visy Bra Q and A

"what is a sleep bra?"

A sleep bra is a type of bra made for women to sleep in or be comfortable in down time. They are soft, stretchy, and made from breathable fabrics. They can provide coverage without causing irritation. We have added a special patent pending addition to our line that helps keep baby's attention on mom while nursing. The bra itself pulls back for feedings and no hooks are needed. 

"What Size visy bra should i buy?"

Visy Bras are not made with clips or adjustable straps. They are made to ensure comfort for new moms as well as moms who dislike any metal in their bras.

Recommended Sizing:

  • XS/S: 32-34A, 32B, 32C

  • M: 34B, 34C, 32D, 32DD

  • L: 36-38B, 36C, 34D, 34DD, 32 DDD

  • XL: 38C, 36-38D, 34 DDD

  • 2XL: 40-42C, 40-42D, 36-40DD, 36-38 DDD



"Can BusyTabs be used during bottle feeding?"

BusyTabs should never be used without adult supervision. They can be used during bottle feeding as long as it is clipped onto an adult and not the baby. We have received feedback that they can in fact help with focus during bottle feedings!

"What do they feel like? are they comfortable?"

BusyTabs are made using high quality satin ribbon. Many moms have clipped them onto their bra or shirt and left them on all day and even through the night. One of the great benefits of BusyTabs is the flexibility of clipping them on and off. You receive 6 per box which also allows for you to stash a few in different locations for ease of use! 

"My baby isn't a baby, he's a toddler. Will this still work?"

We have received feedback from moms of toddlers who enjoy using BusyTabs. Even after a year old, they can definitely be beneficial. Each toddler is of course unique. So if you are unsure, take a look at their feeding habits and whether they are actively grabbing, pinching, or scratching during nursing. If so, they will most likely love their BusyTabs.