Bundle & Save!

Bundle & Save!


The Gift to Me from Me!

Included in the bundle: BusyTabs Starter Pack (19.99)

Visy Bra 2 Pack Set (39.99 - 43.99)

Save up to $8.99!

The best gifts are sometimes to ones we give ourselves! Visy Bras are made to help with latch from birth to beyond! They are very comfortable so you can wear them all day and through the night! BusyTabs can clip on to any bra or shirt to help as a side reminder. As baby gets older, they will help avoid hair pulling and other unlatching problems!

-PLEASE NOTE: black bra pictured is size large with the white bra in small for size reference. Sleep bras can cover a wide range of cup sizes. Generally you should purchase your sleep bra in the same size maternity shirt you were wearing or still wearing after birth ;)

*Please review the QA page for more information about sizing for perfect fit!

Small size black bra will be in Series 1 style

-You will receive email notification of shipping. If choosing standard shipping, it will ship out in up to 3 to 5 business days.

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