And the Gold Metal Goes to...

The mom train keeps chugging along. You have made it past hospital stay, first weeks, first months, shark attacks, and now what? You will find yourself somehow relearning and adjusting to your growing baby when it comes to their preference on breastfeeding positions. That's right, not your preference, mini you now has say on how they eat. Welcome to train station 5, otherwise known as gymnastics practice. 

Baby Gymnastics

You probably started out learning the basics, "cradle," "football," etc. Those positions are great when your little one is not that much bigger than an actual football. In fact, those positions probably saved you lots of neck or back aches. 

The "Cradle Hold" with a "Boppy Pillow" 

Learning how to adapt...

Mamas on their second baby may have started new and interesting positions even from day one! 


Illustration by: Hedger Humor

But when babies get older they will start learning that arms, legs, fingers, and toes are pretty fun. So watch for some big stretches as they prepare for some amazing gymnastics. 

Or maybe Yoga?


Baby Olympics 

Your athlete will start sporting some pretty amazing talent around 6 months. This is about the time you leaped in to the air yourself while celebrating half a year of breastfeeding! (You go Mama!) Don't worry about how you will adjust to your new all star. Below are some excellent breastfeeding positions when having baby lay to the side really isn't working anymore. 

"Belly Out"

This is a "Belly Out" stretched position. It is really great for little ones who are not in the mood for being held. It's a slight variation from cradle as you will keep your arm rather loose and let them lay outward. 

"Belly In"

"Belly In" is a position that is very accommodating for mom and baby's body. Let your baby sort of lay on top of you then adjust to which side you are feeding on. This one works great for night time feedings! 


Thanks to @littlepeachlondon for this great position called, "The Demanding-Standing-Boobmonster-Position." She recommends letting your little one stand when they get to the "won't take no for an answer phase." Since babies start standing at different ages this one can be used as early as 9 or 10 months! 

"Milk Machine"

I call this one "Milk Machine" in large part to the fact that it is never a planned position. Breastfeeding can be on a schedule but a lot of times you will watch for cues from your little athlete. It's easy to pick up your growing baby and place him or her on your lap in a sitting position. Clipped on my bra is a "BusyTab!" BusyTabs will make any impromptu session easier especially if your baby gets fussy. 


Taking Gold

Enjoy each moment of gymnastics practice. It will not always be easy. But with the help of some new and maybe unique positions, you will make it to your next breastfeeding goal! 


Happy Feedings!


Jennifer Fletcher- Founder- Mother of 2 @NurseMeMama